Animal Control

Due to our proximity to the Forest Preserve District of Cook County and O’Hare Airport, the Village has received reports from residents with concerns about increased coyote activity in populated areas throughout the years. While not all coyote sightings are cause for concern, our top priority is keeping our residents and pets safe.

The Village is taking a proactive step to strategically address coyote issues or concerns by partnering with Scientific Wildlife Management. Scientific Wildlife Management has worked with many municipalities throughout the Chicagoland Area and is led by Rob Erikson, one of the nation’s leading experts on the topic of urban coyote management. The Village has hired Scientific Wildlife Management to understand, monitor, and manage the coyote population within Village of Rosemont.

By clicking, you will be directed to their website to report any and all unusual coyote behavior. This information collected will allow them to accurately investigate coyote concerns. They will review the information such as location, physical condition of the coyote, and the behavior of the coyote in order to identify any coyotes that display unusual or threatening behavior.

Updated 4/20/2022