The Rosemont Comprehensive Plan

The Rosemont Comprehensive Plan serves many purposes. For the Village’s elected leadership and various department staff, the Plan serves as a guidebook to help make smart investment choices and prioritize implementation pertaining to land use and development, transportation, parks and open space, infrastructure, and capital improvements throughout the Village. For residents, the Plan represents their desires for the future of Rosemont and also provides solutions to address issues important to them. For the business community, the Plan serves as the Village’s official policy document stating the Village’s desired development direction, providing a clear understanding of the types of investments that would be preferred.

The Comprehensive Plan is not a regulatory document. The Zoning Ordinance serves that function, governing the size, scale, character, and type of development on individual parcels. The Comprehensive Plan describes the community’s future vision and desired development character, which in turn guides the drafting of regulations for the zoning ordinance.