Health Department

The Health Department is responsible for inspections of the sanitary conditions of all food serving facilities. These inspections are conducted throughout the year to ensure all residents and guests they are protected against harmful food borne illnesses. The Village of Rosemont uses the Illinois Department of Public Health, Food Service Sanitation Code as its reference and enforcement guide book.

The Health Department assists the Public Safety Department with inspections of multi family dwellings for any safety and health concerns. While the Public Safety Department is conducting inspections of Multi-Family dwellings, the Health Department is checking for any evidence of any rodents or mold in the apartments.


The Health Department is responsible for the inspections of the sanitary conditions of all food serving facilities this includes mobile food vending and vending machines and vendors at the Allstate Arena's flea market. The goal of these inspections is to prevent food-borne illness out-breaks from occurring in our community. To achieve this goal, inspections are conducted unannounced to all local establishments serving and selling food, a minimum of two times a year. During inspections the following are examined.

  • Condition of Food products received
  • Temperature of stored food
  • Potential for cross contamination
  • Employee Hygiene
  • Maintenance of Equipment
  • Condition of Water and Sewer systems
  • Insect and Rodent control
  • General Housekeeping of facility