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Family Assist
To help you make time for what matters most, you and your family have access to Allied Care Solutions' Family Assist resource and referral service. Available anytime, any day by phone or online, the service offers live assistance from a professional consultant - as well as a robust web-based library of practical resources - to provide support for any work, personal, or everyday issue that's important to you and your family.

Features Include:

  • Toll-free 24/7 access to a qualified consultant.
  • Live assistance locating resources and referrals per your request.
  • An Information-rich website loaded with content and tools for managing work, personal, and everyday issues.
  • A follow-up to be sure that the assistance met your complete satisfaction.

Call toll-free 800-440-1440 or log on to www.alliedbenefit.com/acs.aspx   (Username: rsmt)