Preparing for Winter


ComEd Winter Prep:
You may have ComEd transformers and/or switchgear on your property that may need to be accessed in the winter.  Occasionally after a snowstorm, snow removal efforts will result in buried or blocked access to critical ComEd equipment.  Occasionally, a snowplow will move snow into our equipment, damaging it and possibly causing a loss in power.
In order to be able to safely access our equipment if necessary, we need to ensure that there is at least ten feet of open space in front of the equipment’s cabinet doors.  Additionally, we need a foot of clearance on the remaining three sides of the equipment.  Doing so can damage our equipment, possibly causing a loss in power or delay in our restoring power due to our inability to gain access.

Snow Regulations:
When it snows, Public Works hits the streets. The Public Works Department begins its task of keeping 18 miles of streets in the Village of Rosemont, and all Village owned properties and garage's cleared of ice and snow accumulation. As snow removal and ice control operations begin, drivers will first clear the arterial roadways. Residents are advised to wait until after the plows have moved the snow to the curb before attempting to clean their driveway apron. An additional crew is called in to clear all sidewalks throughout the Village.

Parking Restrictions:
During winter snowfall, parking is not allowed on Village streets unless special permission is granted through the Rosemont Public Safety Department. If parking is granted, vehicles are only allowed to be parked on one side of the street. This allows our snow removal equipment to clear Village streets in a timely and safe manner. Village Ordinance 21-49-(a) (12) parking prohibited by sign Fine $25.00.
For street parking permission call the Rosemont Public Safety Department, 911 center at 847-823-1134.

Snow Removal/Jurisdiction:
Mannheim Road, Zemke to Touhy Avenue
South side of Touhy Avenue
Higgins Road, East of River Road to Lee Street
Devon Avenue, River Road to Higgins Road
River Road, Devon Avenue to Foster Avenue
All residential streets
All Village owned facilities and parking garages

Reminders & Tips:
Snow Deposits on Streets: Snow cleared from private areas may not be deposited on public walks or streets. Snow cleared from walks or drives may not be deposited in the streets. These practices may result in hazardous conditions. Remind children that when building snow forts, they need to remain on private property and should not build snow forts on parkways adjacent to streets. This is for their own safety and the safety of our Snow Removal crews.

Keeping Your Driveway Clear:
When clearing snow from your driveway, shovel snow in the direction of traffic, and try to make a pocket on the opposite side of the driveway. By doing so, snow that is plowed will be dumped into that pocket and not back on your driveway.

If you have any issues related to snow removal please call 847-698-3744.
Weekends, and after hours: 847-823-1134.

Prevent Frozen Pipes and Costly Repairs:
The Chicago Department of Water Management would like to remind you that there are some simple steps that you can take to prevent pipes from freezing:

  • Maintain proper heat in homes; particularly in basement, crawl spaces or closets that house a water service.
  • Insulate pipes, particularly those outside or on the perimeter of the residence.
  • Run a trickle of cold water on each floor of the home at the points furthest from the location of the main water service into the home.
  • Make sure that there is warm air circulating in any area where there are water pipes including garages and unheated areas of the home.
  • Remove all garden hoses from hose bibbs, cover the bibbs with Styrofoam hose bibb insulating caps and shut off control valves for hose bibbs.
  • Make sure there are no broken windows or other sources to allow cold winter air to enter.