Water & Sewer Unit

About The Sewer Unit

The Sewer Unit is responsible for all maintenance and repairs on the Village’s storm and sanitary sewer systems as well as detention/retention basins and lift stations. The unit performs the following general duties:

  •  Sewer main flushing
  •  Sewer main root cutting
  •  Lift Station cleaning
  •  Catch basin maintenance and repair
  •  Sewer main repairs
  •  Sanitary sewer backup response
  •  Flooding response\
  • Televising sanitary sewers
  • Snow and ice control assistance
  • Main break repair assistance

About The Water Meters

The Water Services Unit is responsible for maintaining all water meters within the Village. The unit currently maintains 363 Residential meters, and 371 Commercial meters within the Village. All Residential meters are read through our automatic read system and most Commercial units. If you believe there is a problem with your meter, please contact the Public Works Department at 847-698-3744.  Tampering with meters is unlawful and is subject to prosecution.