Freedom of Information

The Village Clerk is the Freedom of Information Officer for the Village of Rosemont. All requests for production of records must be submitted in writing, preferably upon a Village Freedom of Information Request Form and must be submitted to the Village Clerk's Office for processing. The Village will accept any legible written request, provided that such written request is clearly stated and contains the name, address and telephone number of the requestor.

In accordance with the law, the Village of Rosemont will respond to all non-commercial requests in five (5) working days of receipt. Commercial requests will receive a response in twenty-one (21) working days of receipt.

First fifty (50) pages of standard black & white copies are provided at no charge.
Black & White copies after first 50 pages $0.15/page
Audio Tape/Compact Disk/DVD $5.00/unit
Copy from Microfilm $1.00/page
Certification $1.00/document
Accident Reports $5.00/report

Requests should be directed to:
Debbie Drehobl, Village Clerk 847-824-4404
Village Rosemont, 9501 W. Devon, Rosemont IL 60018.

Requests may be submitted electronically, hand-delivered, faxed, mailed or emailed to