March 26, 2020 |

Parks Close Until April Under State Virus Mandate

For a while the local geese may celebrate in local parks without much opposition except for an occasional dog walker.
Orders from Gov. JB Pritzker, issued a week ago, have caused temporary closure of the Rosemont Park District facilities.
To protect Illinois citizens from spreading infections from the new coronavirus strain, COVID-19, state and federal health authorities have asked that public facilities like schools and parks be closed to the public and that no room contain more than 10 people at least 6 ft. apart from each other.

Restrictions are based on recommendations from the Illinois Dept. of Public Health and the national Centers for Disease Control, which are trying to stall the escalating cases of this new virus strain which emerged in China and followed travelers home across the world. Isolation, it is hoped, will temporarily slow new cases.

Lange Park was kept open only for the March 17 election, but all of the other park district facilities (Barry Rec Center, Dunne Park, the Rosemont Pool and Gym) were closed March 13 or 14. Closures will continue at least through Palm Sunday, April 5. A two-week break, coinciding with spring vacation at the school, was initially suggested by state officials to avoid exposure to others and reduce the chances of infection to COVID-19.

Some seasonal events like the March 18 Leprechaun Hunt have been canceled. The Mother & Son Bowling event is expected to be rescheduled at a future date.