Job Offerings

The Rosemont Public Safety Department has a wide range of job opportunities that include both sworn and civilian personnel. Jobs include Public Safety Officer (sworn), civilian, and Auxiliary Officers.

Public Safety Officers
Members hired as Public Safety Officers must first test with our department and be added on our eligibility list. Once an eligibility exam is offered, notice will be given to the public. Applicants will then test through the process and added to our eligibility list. When the need arises to hire a new officer, the eligibility list will be used for new hires. Members hired as Public Safety Officers are trained and will work both police, fire, and EMS.

At this time, testing is not taking place.

Auxiliary Officers
Auxiliary Officers are a vital part of the Public Safety Department. Auxiliary Officers are part-time employees who are trained to work traffic control and assist with crowd control. Some specialty Auxiliary posts have been created to enhance the safety and security of the Village of Rosemont. Applications for Auxiliary Officer are always being accepting. At this time, applications can be picked up at the police station – 9501 Devon Ave. Once the need arises for more Auxiliary Officers, a class is put together and a group of Auxiliary Officers is hired. From there, Auxiliary Officers are trained and begin working events and posts throughout the Village of Rosemont.

Applications can be picked up at the Rosemont Public Safety headquarters building located at 9501 W. Devon Ave. If you have any questions, please direct them to the  Support Services Division. 847-823-1133 x223

Civilian Personnel
The Rosemont Public Safety Department utilizes different civilian personnel throughout the department. Positions include Records Clerks, Public Safety Clerks, Administrative Assistants, and Vehicle Maintenance. Civilian personnel all assist the day-to-day operations of the department and work alongside sworn members.

At this time, there are no civilian job openings available. Please check back for openings in the future.