Red Light Cameras

The Village of Rosemont operates red-light enforcement cameras at selected intersections throughout our community.  The intersections are identified as "Red Light Photo Enforced" through signage.  This violation does not affect your driving record.  It is a Village Ordinance.  The person that owns the vehicle is responsible for the violation whether they are the driver at the time or not.

The following intersections are equipped with red light enforcement cameras in Rosemont:

  • Northbound River Road at Higgins Road
  • Eastbound Higgins Road at River Road
  • River Road and Devon Ave.
  • Mannheim Road and Higgins Road
  • River Road and Bryn Mawr
  • River Road and Balmoral

Red Light Running (RLR) Statistical Analysis and Evaluation

For questions or more information contact 
Rick Drehobl at 847-825-4404 ext. 321