Rosemont Helping Hand


Rosemont "Helping Hand" Could Use a Hand

Imagine having the opportunity to help families in need during special holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Providing Target gift cards to those families who are in need offers an overwhelming feeling of joy for these families as well as those volunteers presenting them with these gifts. Helping Hand is a non-for-profit program within the Village of Rosemont designed to meet the needs of these families.

Initially, Helping Hand provides toys for families at Christmas time; however, recognizing that the needs of these families extend beyond the holiday season, the Helping Hand has recently provided further assistance. Helping Hand has supplied monetary assistance for students', field trips, day camp and school physicals. This program has also offered clothing, aid for families after a fire, death of a loved one, and hardship, as providing food gift certificates and assistance to seniors. Throughout the years, Helping Hand has helped hundreds of families in need, but recently, this program is in need.

Because Helping Hand is not government funded, it is difficult to provide such gifts to these families. This program holds multiple fundraisers throughout the year to fund itself, but lately due to the economy, the need for gifts for these families has greatly increased, while the funds have decreased. Without this program, so many of these families will go without toys for their children on Christmas, good food on the holidays, and monetary assistance for children and seniors. To avoid this heartbreak, Helping Hand is asking for a hand in order to continue to provide families with these gifts. Any donation would be greatly appreciated by the program as well as each of the families that this program helps. Thank you very much for all the help you give these families, we could never do it without your help.

If anyone is in need of help or assistance please call our hotline at (847) 825-4404 ext. 321

To Donate:
Attn. Rick Drehobl
Village Of Rosemont Helping Hand
9501 West Devon Ave. Rosemont IL 60018