WGN Radio Your Hometown – Pro women’s softball is back in Rosemont!

Aug 31, 2021

WGN RADIO | Aug 27, 2021

Pro women’s softball is back in Rosemont and the fans are ready!

Cheri Kempf, the Vice President of Athletes Unlimited, joins Steve Bertrand on Chicago’s Afternoon Newsto talk about an exciting women’s sports league operating in Rosemont, IL that features ‘fantasy sports’ styled softball, volleyball, & lacrosse. The softball league plays two games on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, in Rosemont at the Parkway Bank Sports Complex.

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Women’s professional sports is thriving in Rosemont thanks to local standouts like Kayla Wedl

Players for Athletes Unlimited practice on Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020, in Rosemont, Ill. . (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford)

Kayla Wedl, a Wauconda, IL native and newly minted member of the Athletes Unlimited sports universe, joins Steve Bertrand on Chicago’s Afternoon News to talk about playing professional softball in Rosemont, IL. Kayla talks about her success as the University of Illinois at Chicago and how Athletes Unlimitedutilizes a unique ‘fantasy style’ scoring system that adds a fun twist to this growing sports league focused on women’s softball, volleyball and lacrosse.

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