August 17, 2021 |

Stan’s Donuts First Of 3 New Eateries Coming To Rosemont On Higgins

One of the three potential businesses that will eventually spring up on the former Gene & Georgetti’s restaurant site on Higgins Road west of River Road in Rosemont is Stan’s Donuts & Coffee.

Mayor Brad Stephens announced Monday that Stan’s will occupy half of one of the two planned buildings that will be erected between the existing Taco Bell restaurant on the west and Giordano’s restaurant on the east.

Demolition of the former Gene & Georgetti’s, which before that was named Rosewood Restaurant, and an adjoining three-story parking garage, is currently underway. All of the land slated for redevelopment is owned by the village of Rosemont as will the new buildings. Tenants will lease the land from the village.

Stephens said Stan’s is scheduled to open by March 19, 2022. A tenant for the second half of the building as well as a 3,000 sq. ft. retail building directly east have not yet been signed up.

Stephens has said that up to three new “quick service” food establishments will open on the property to mainly serve the estimated 100,000 people who visit Rosemont every day to work.

There are currently about 15 Stan’s Donuts located throughout the Chicago area.