Park & Concert FAQ



1.) For everyone’s safety, all patrons may be subject to a bag and body search upon entering The Park.

2.) No food or drinks of any kind are allowed to be brought in to The Park. There will be food and drinks available for purchase.

3.) No skate boards, skates, bikes, etc. are allowed in The Park.

4.) No pets or animals of any kind are allowed in The Park.

5.) All venues in The Park will validate your parking ticket; make sure you bring it with you for free parking validation.

6.) There is NO SMOKING allowed on the turf area, please move to the outside perimeter of The Park to smoke.

7.) Smoking marijuana is not permitted in The Park.

8.) No firearms of any kind are allowed in The Park.


9.) No seating is provided; all patrons must bring a folding lawn or sports chair. All seating starts at 3:00 pm sharp, no seating is allowed before then.

10.) All chairs must be set up side by side in rows facing the stage, no “circle” seating is allowed.

11.) No tables of any kind are allowed.

12.) No blanket seating or space holding is allowed, CHAIRS ONLY!

13.) There are SAFETY AISLES clearly marked on the turf area, no seating or standing is allowed in these areas.

14.) There is a STANDING AREA ONLY clearly marked directly in front of the stage, no seating is allowed in this area.