Resident Information

Village Hall offices by phone at (847) 825-4404, 9am - 5pm Monday thru Friday. If you would like to contact the Village of Rosemont by mail, please mail all correspondence to: 9501 W. Devon Avenue, Rosemont, IL 60018.

Emergency 9-1-1
Use the 9-1-1 enhanced system for all POLICE and FIRE EMERGENCY services. Non-Emergency: (847) 823-1134 Ext. 2

Solid Waste, Yard Waste and Recycling
Yard waste will be picked up April 3rd through November 27th; by Republic Services it must be placed in biodegradable bags not weighing more than 50 lbs. If you are disposing of branches, please make sure they are bundled and tied in (4) four foot bundles, (6) six to (8) eight inches round. These items must be left curbside by 6:00 a.m. on garbage days.
All garbage waste must be put into your regular garbage cans. For questions please call Public Works Department at (847) 698-3744. The Village waste service is free of charge. Rosemont is serviced every Wednesday, unless it falls on a holiday, pickup will be the following business day.

Village of Rosemont Parking Restrictions
Residents and visitors are to adhere to the current parking restrictions – no parking anytime. A special allowance may be given after first contacting and receiving permission from the Rosemont Public Safety Department at (847) 823-1131. Any vehicle that is given permission will be for a temporary allowance only and must be parked on only 1 side of the street. Additionally, vehicles must be parked facing the correct way (passenger-side nearest the curb). Please note that parking permission will not be given during expected snow fall. Violators will be issued a parking citation.

Outside Water Restrictions
From May 15th through September 15th of each year it shall be unlawful for any person to use water for hose fed sprinkling or electronic irrigation of lawns on any day between the hours of 12pm - 6:00pm. In addition, if your lot is located on an odd numbered lot, you may only water on odd numbered days of the month, and if your lot is located on an even numbered lot you may only water on even number days of the month. Also, it is unlawful for any person to water on the 31st day of any month. For more information please refer to Ordinance No. 2015-11-17 F. Or call our Public Works Department at (847) 698-3744.

Snow Removal
To respond to the concerns and challenges from previous years regarding snow removal, we are asking that village residents obey the NO PARKING SIGNS when the snow falls.

By clearing the streets, Public Works will be able to remove snow from our newly paved street, thus allowing the sun to assist in the melting process and avoiding ice buildup that can quickly become hazardous.

Village Ordinance 21-49-(a) (12) parking prohibited by sign fine $25.
For street parking permission call the Rosemont Public Safety Department, at (847) 823-1134.

Large Item Pick-up
Pick-up is always on the first Wednesday of April, and October. Please leave items curb side, do not leave items on the street.

Garbage Cans
Contact Republic Services at (847) 981-0091

Water and Sewer Service
Water service needs to be established by calling the Public Works Department at (847) 698-3744. Residential service is billed out (3) times per year, April, August and December, which will be billed out at the current rate.

Sewer-related problems should be reported to the Public Works Department weekdays between 7am and 3pm. A Village employee will inspect the sewer main to determine whether the problem is the Village's responsibility. After hours, or on weekends, call the Police Department, non-emergency at (847) 823-1134 to report sewer issues. If the problem is part of the residential service line (a resident's service line runs from his/her home to the point of connection to the Village's sewer main), a licensed and bonded plumbing company should be contacted at once to see that the sewer is properly repaired.

Water/Sewer: Rosemont Public Works Department: (847) 698-3744
Gas: Nicor Gas: (888) 642-6748
Electricity: Com Ed (800) 334-7661
Cable: Comcast: (800) 266-2278, or AT&T at (800) 288-2020
Satellite TV: Dish Network (800) 823-4929, or DirecTV (888) 777-2454
Telephone Service: AT&T (800) 288-2020, or Comcast at (800) 266-2278
Internet (Broadband): Comcast (800) 266-2278
Internet (DSL): AT&T (800) 288-2020

Rosemont Elementary School, District 78: (847) 825-0144
Orchard Place District 62: (847) 824-1255
East Leyden High School District 212: (847) 451-3000
Maine West High School District 207: (847) 827-6167
Triton College: (708) 456-0300
Oakton Community College: (847) 635-1600

Local Hospitals
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
1775 Dempster St.
Park Ridge, IL 60068
(847) 723-2210

Holy Family Medical Center
100 N. River Rd.
Des Plaines, IL 60016-1278
(847) 297-1800

Resurrection Medical Center
7435 W. Talcott Ave.
Chicago, IL 60631
(773) 774-8000



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Rosemont, IL 60018
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